This Bible Study with Edie Melson helps you develop your creativity and enjoy your time basking with God in the light of his Sabbath rest. It gives practical and creative tips for helping you through hard times in life or even just getting through the mundane times when nothing seems to being you joy. Use these 5 sessions to realize how you can replenish yourself when life has beat you down. This Bible study also includes a PDF version of Edie's award winning book: Soul Care for the Weary.

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Hi, I’m Edie Melson

Edie Melson is a woman of faith with ink-stained fingers who has been known to announce that she's creative out of self-defense. With an artist-mother and musician-turned-photographer-father, she'd have been a disgrace if she hadn’t been true to her own brand of creativity. She’s a writer who feels lost without her camera and a reluctant speaker who loves to encourage an audience. And she embraces the ultimate contradiction of being an organized creative. 


As an instructor, she’s encouraged and challenged audiences across the country and around the world. Her numerous books, including the award-winning Soul Care series, reflect her passion to help others develop the strength of their God-given gifts and apply them to their lives. She lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains where she spends time off hiking with her husband and her camera. Connect with her on and through social media.

Healing From Grief

Soul Care When You’re Weary made it’s way not just to my library but to a ragged place in my soul when I really needed it. Edie gave me permission to play with all things art—colored pencils, watercolors, glitter, pens and more while speaking truth through the devotionals and prayers. I can’t tell you enough how timely it was for me after the death of my Mom. It allowed me to navigate the grief to bring healing in the form of discovering the creative. I’ve returned to it over and over again as the best devotional to help others cultivate and tap into their creativity. 

Cynthia Cavanaugh—Speaker, Life Coach, and award winning author of Anchored: Leading Through the Storms, and Live Bold a Devotional Journal to Strengthen Your Soul.  

Creatively Connect to God

Give yourself ideas and time to connect to God as you struggle with your current circumstances. Learn how to make time for him even when you feel as though life is crashing down on you.

Let Go of Doing and Embrace Being with God

Edie Melson’s artistic flare comes across in her work, Soul Care When Your Weary. The chapter on why God asks us to let go of doing, helped me focus on just being. Being who He designed me to be—in the moment. Each section of Soul Care offered me permission to connect with the Lord in a relaxed yet meaningful way. I can say, as a get-er-done gal, I took these offerings to heart and find myself resting more while still accomplishing much. Win-win!

Linda Goldfarb
Award-winning author of the LINKED Quick Guide to Personalities series, certified Christian life coach, speaker, and God’s odd-angle photographer who helps others see life from a new perspective. 

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